Three-Phase Kit (2 x CT Clamps)

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The Three-Phase Kit comprises of 2 x CT Clamps.

One pack is required to use your Senseable Transmitter with a three-phase supply.

The Senseable Transmitter comes with 1 x CT Clamp.  It also has two spare ports on the bottom, into which these additional two CT Clamps are connected.  This way all three phases of a three-phase supply can be connected and monitored.

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Please note:  when the Gateway receives the data from a Senseable Transmitter, the power figure displayed is the total of all the power flowing through all CT Clamps connected to that transmitter.

i.e. if the three CTs are measuring 200W, 300W and 400W, the display will show 900W rather than the individual readings.

If you wish to see the individual readings, you will require a separate Senseable Transmitter and CT Clamp for each cable you wish to monitor.


The internal diameter of the CT Clamp is 12mm (cross-sectional area approx 113mm2).

Power rating 100 Amps.

Please note that larger (25mm) CT Clamps are available - please contact us to order.  These are normally for commercial customers.  There are very few circumstances in which the average home requires a 25mm CT Clamp.

The CT Clamps are compatible with the Senseable Transmitter.  The Senseable Transmitter is compatible with the Energomonitor Gateway and the discontinued Current Cost Gateway and EnviR


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