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USB Computer Cable (EnviR Only)

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This connects your Current Cost EnviR display to your computer.

Please read the description below - this is for advanced users only.

This is not compatible with the Energomonitor Gateway or Current Cost Gateway.


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Unless you are really technical and desperately require every piece of data that the EnviR spits out every six seconds, we strongly recommend using the Energomonitor Gateway to post your data to Energomonitor as it is vastly easier to use and you don't need to leave your computer running to capture the data.

The USB Cable is not compatible with the Energomonitor Gateway or the discontinued Current Cost Gateway.


The Current Cost EnviR has an RJ45 serial output port.

This cable plugs into the EnviR and converts the data to USB format so it can be connected to your computer.

You'll need drivers and software to make this work (see links below), or alternatively you can write your own software.  We do not provide support for the drivers or the software.


The USB cable uses a Prolific PL2303 chip to convert the serial signal to USB.

Useful Links:

Drivers and Software

XML Output of the RJ45 Serial Port

Pin out of the RJ45 Serial Port

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