IAMs - Individual Appliance Monitors (pack of 3)

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Individual Appliance Monitors (IAM) allow you to see how much power your appliances are using.

Connect your TV to the IAM, and the IAM will send detailed power use information to your Energomonitor Gateway every six seconds.

See your energy use online with the Energomonitor Gateway and Individual Appliance Monitors at Energomonitor

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3 x Individual Appliance Monitors (IAMs)


Your standby power use is a big contributor to your power bills.

If your TV and entertainment unit is drawing 200W on standby for 18 hours a day, you could save $328 a year!*

Up to 30 x IAMs can be tuned to your Energomonitor Gateway.

Up to 10 x IAMs can be tuned to your Current Cost energy monitor (Gateway / EnviR, both discontinued)

More Information:

IAMs are 10 Amp rated.  They plug into a standard Australian 10 Amp socket (the same type all around your home) and standard Australian 10 Amp plugs connect to it.

IAMs measure Current, Voltage and Power Factor to give you a very accurate reading of your power consumption.

The IAMs measure the power being used by the appliance every six seconds and send the data to your energy monitor.


With Energomonitor Gateway: 300m line-of-sight or 70m indoors
With EnviR (discontinued): 100m line-of-sight or 25m indoors


You can use IAMs and a Gateway to ensure the wellbeing of elderly or vulnerable family members.  By connecting one IAM to the kettle and one IAM to the TV you can unobtrusively monitor the activity in a home.  This also applies for monitoring the TV or computer use of your children. 

Other items available separately include:

Energomonitor Gateway

Senseable Transmitter

Three-Phase Kit

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Here's the maths:

* 0.2 kW (200 W) x 18 hours a day x 365 days a year = 1314 units/kWh of power a year. If your power costs you $0.25 per unit/kWh, it costs 1314 x 0.25 = $328 a year to power your entertainment unit when it’s not even in use!

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