Senseable Transmitter + CT Clamp

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Your Energomonitor Gateway can receive data from thirty transmitters.  Add more Senseable Transmitters to monitor more circuits.  

The Senseable Transmitter is powered by 2 x D-Cell batteries (life 7 years) and comes with a CT Clamp.  It detects the power use and sends an update to your monitor every six seconds.

Monitor your solar, hot water, aircon or shed with a Senseable Transmitter.

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1 x Senseable Transmitter (inc. 2 x D-Cell batteries with 7 year life)

1 x CT Clamp


More Information:

The Senseable Transmitter detects power use and sends an update to your Energomonitor Gateway every six seconds.  The Senseable Transmitter is compatible with all Energomonitor and Current Cost energy monitors.

The Senseable Transmitter can be upgraded to monitor a three-phase power supply with the Three-Phase Kit.  This will add the signal from the three clamps together to show a total reading.

The signal from a Senseable Transmitter can be received by a Energomonitor Gateway 300m away.

The 2 x D-Cell batteries are user-replaceable, and have a life-span of 7 years.

The Senseable Transmitter can send signal to multiple energy monitors.

The voltage on the Senseable Transmitter can be set to 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250 or 260V to allow for fine tuning of the readings.

Current Cost EnviR and Gateway (discontinued) compatibility and range 

The signal from a Senseable Transmitter can be received by a Current Cost Gateway 300m away (line of sight) or a Current Cost EnviR 100m away (line of sight).

Other items available separately include:

Three-Phase Kit

Individual Appliance Monitor

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