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LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Limited stock available - only 18 of these packages are available.

Includes an Energomonitor Gateway, two transmitters, two CT Clamps and nine Individual Appliance Monitors!

RRP for this is $399!

Why so cheap?  Because some of the packaging is not quite perfect or may have been reboxed.  It all carries our standard warranty and is new equipment.

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$ 219.95 tax incl.

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1 x Energomonitor Gateway (inc. power supply)

2 x Senseable Transmitter (inc. 2 x D-Cell batteries - 7 year life)

2 x CT Clamp

9 x Individual Appliance Monitors

Unlimited access to Energomonitor to see data from one transmitter online.

More Information:

The Energomonitor Gateway can receive information from up to thirty Senseable Transmitters or Individual Appliance Monitors, all of which are available as optional extras.

IMPORTANT:  To see data online from more than one transmitter you need a data subscription.

The Senseable Transmitter can be upgraded to monitor a three-phase power supply with the Three-Phase Kit.

Other items available separately include:

Data Subscription - Additional 29 Channels

Three-Phase Kit

Senseable Transmitter

Individual Appliance Monitor

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